Q. Can I find out more information about the bra policy?
A. We supply all bras up to 38DD cup for Cage Bras and 38E for Standard Bras. We ask all masqueraders over an E cup for standard bras to provide a moulded t-shirt bra in the colour of the section or a plain black t-shirt bra will also be okay.

Q. How much do I need to pay to reserve my costume?
A. Deposit for our ‘Premium’ costumes are £100 and our ‘Ultra’ costumes are £150. 

Q. When do I have to pay the balance for my costume?
A. The final deadline to pay the balance is 1st June 2019.

Q. Can I pay my costume off in instalments?
A. Yes. If you visit the Additional Payment section on our website, we have various denominations for you to choose from and pay. Be advised there is a processing fee.

Q. Do you charge fees to process payments?
A. Yes we do, there is a 3.5% processing fee on our ‘Premium’ and ‘Ultra’ costumes and Additional Payments.

Q. When can I collect my costume?
A. Masqueraders will be notified of collection date and pick up point via email at a later date.

Q. Can I change my size option?
A. No. Once you have sent your sizes in we can not change it, we advise masqueraders to get your measurements taken correctly preferably by a professional and in inches to avoid any problems that may occur by not giving correct sizes.

Q. What if I want to cancel my costume?
A. Yes you can cancel at any time but be advised your deposit is non refundable. Any extra money may be refunded at our discretion but if cancelled after the 1st of May and you’ve paid more than the deposit no refund will be made.

Q. I bought a t-shirt package, but can no longer attend carnival. Can I get a refund?
A. No. You can sell your t-shirt package to a friend or family member (they must be the same size that you ordered). Please inform us via email of their name, number and email address so they can receive correspondence from us.

Q. Can I give someone else my costume if I decide not to play?
A. Yes. As long as the person can fit into the costume you have ordered.  Just inform us via email with the person’s full name, telephone number before collection day.

You can Contact Us if you have any other questions. We will endeavor to respond to your query as soon as possible.